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Woody's Toronto

I guess if we wait for Tony to do a report of our holiday in Canada, you’ll be waiting forever. So, I’ll give you my more novice view of Toronto. (However, it may shame him into uploading his photos at some point, if he can ever get free of his EIHA commitments!)

Background first:

There are buses and trams to get around Toronto, a lot of it is also walkable. There is an underground network of walkways called the PATH system. Very confusing to follow, and not many maps once you’re down there. I suggest what you do is buy a map of Toronto that has the PATH in there; or do what we did, and take a photo of it on the mobile!
We hired a car and moved around a lot of Toronto. They drive on the right-hand side, and have all different rules about being able to turn right on a red light (sometimes), and pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way, so watch out for them walking out in front of you! Roundabouts – they clearly don’t get the concept. There are none in Toronto, but we did come across one in Ottawa where the traffic coming on to the roundabout have right of way, and the traffic on the roundabout have to stop???

The CN Tower gives you a fantastic view of the City.
Outside Ice Rinks – several dotted around. One right next to the Eaton Centre, another down in the Harbour.
Hockey Hall of Fame – A Must, naturally!
Rogers Centre – for anyone interested in Baseball. The Blue Jays play here.
Rico Coliseum – The AHL team, the Marlies play here
Air Canada Centre – to see NHL team The Toronto Maple Leafs, or Basketball for the Raptors
Niagara - about a 2 hour (ish) drive from Toronto, and the Falls are spectacular.
We did the drive from Toronto to Ottawa this year, and last. Last year it took 4.5 hours, but this year 7.5 in a heavy snowstorm. It was well worth the drive. After several years of disappointment, Tony (and I!) got to skate on the frozen Rideau Canal. What an experience. 8km of frozen water! We went out on the first day in a temperature of -18°C, with a windchill of -30°C! Needless to say, we didn’t stay out for long! However, the next day was a mere -9°C, and we were able to complete the full return trip of 16km. It even gave his one90’s their first trip out! If you ever get the chance – just go!

There are several shopping Malls around. The Eaton Centre is in the heart of Downtown Toronto, and there are several if you drive out of the City.
Hockey shops: some of Tony’s favourites are – Just Hockey, National Sports, Sport-Chek, and Play it Again (for 2nd hand kit, and end of line ranges)

PIGGERY (Tony’s favourite section)
The Outback Steakhouse in Niagara
Canyon Creek Chophouse
Marche (right next to the Hockey Hall of Fame)
Hard Rock Café
And right near to the Missisaugua Ice Dog Arena is The Mandarin – the Biggest, and by far the Best All you could Ever Eat Chinese!! It is worth getting there well before an evening game, or rushing out of an afternoon game just to sample the delights. But leave yourself time ………. You’ll be a while!!

HOCKEY (ok, the bit you’ve really been waiting for!!)
We were in Canada for 15 nights, and saw 12 games of hockey!
It was a good mix of NHL, AHL and College games. Obviously the main reason being cost.
We had average seats for most games, nothing special, and nothing rubbish. The costs were approximately as follows:
NHL - £60, AHL - £22, College - £14
If you want to see NHL games, you need to book WAY in advance. We booked our tickets in September for February games, and we did not have seats sitting together. AHL and College hockey games can be booked in advance, or you can turn up on the day.
In Toronto we saw Maple Leafs, Marlies and Missisaugua Ice Dog games; in Ottawa we saw Ottawa Senator and Ottawa 67’s games. (last year we caught Hamilton Bulldogs, and St Michaels Majors too). All fabulous games.
A bit of advice – if they are running any competitions at the games, join in. Last year I won a hockey stick signed by the entire 2005/2006 Maple Leafs team, this year I won a Jersey signed by the entire 2006/2007 Marlies Team. They love to give stuff away!
(Ok, sometimes there is a downside and you have to appear on Maple Leafs TV in front of 20,000 people – but in hindsight it seems a small price to pay. Plus it gave someone a huge laugh at the time!)

I expect when Hell Freezes Over, you'll play hockey there too .....


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Re: Woody's Toronto

You could get a column in a paper or slot on a travelling program with a review like that!! Who needs the rough guide to Toronto.....


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Re: Woody's Toronto

very informative & interesting - can you have a word with the wife!!



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Re: Woody's Toronto

She'll love the shopping, and you and the kids can go skating smile

Perfect smile

Rise & Rise Again


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Re: Woody's Toronto

Good summary, looking forward to those pics Tony.. specially any of the Rideau wink

Reminds me I need to add a few travel reports.

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