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Extra-ordinary meeting of Club board - LONG

Hi all

Sorry about the formality of this, but we do need to start appearing to have a formal structure as well as actually having one! The problems we had with the rink and the dynamos last month could have easily been avoided if they had been aware that we actually had this structure and knew we were 95% registered.

Not sure how many are aware, but I submitted my resignation as Team Manager at the end of July, as I am going to be moving to the lovely Thames Valley at some point in September, and am not sure how my ice hockey is going to fit in yet.

As a result of this and the league requirement for us to have a more formalised structure.  I am planning to pull together as many team members as possible to have a 20 minute meeting after sunday's game.

I will be proposing that we appoint a board of 5 officers elected yearly in August who will hold quarterly meetings, and run the club to league standards. The board I intend to propose is as follows:

Team Manager: Responsibility for liason with the eiharec section, the dynamos organisation, promotion, and logistics

Dave Trevallion

Administrative Officer:  Responsible for the roles of treasurer and secretary, and co-ordination of the registration process.

Tina Long

Coach: Responsible for on-ice training and organisation of the bench. (The club to ensure this person is fully compliant with leagues level 2 coaching requirements asap)

Keith Pizzey

Game co-ordinator: Responsible for liason with the rink including all ice bookings and the arranging of games and officials.

Carl Scriven

Team Captain: On-ice point of contact and vocal player to represent the players.

To be elected at a training session with more than 10 regular players.

Assuming everyone is in agreement I will hand over my login and the bank account management to the adminstrative officer and team manager.

I will also need to inform Tony Woods of the changes. I would suggest that we have a generic team manager email that both the team manager and the admin officer can access the relevant website. (Warren can you set one up?)

I would also like to briefly discuss shirts and money at the meeting, as well as thank everyone for their support.

Warren is starting to arrange the shirts and I want to get as many people as possible to login here and vote on the colour. Also the kitty is starting to get low again - well it got caned for 70 GBP on sunday! Normally the summer bolsters our coffers, if we carry on like this we will be paying for it with no training come November.

If any one else has anything they want discussed, please leave a note here so I can add it to the agenda.

Incidently the rule for Under 19's is as follows:

An under 19 registered player can attend an EIHA Coached training session if there are 2 level 2 coaches and a child support qualified person on site.

As Rod is both a child support person and a level 2 coach, as long as the opposition have a level 2 coach both sides can play under 19 players if Rod is playing. Once KP has completed the necessary update courses we shouldn't have any problems with Under 19's coming out.




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Re: Extra-ordinary meeting of Club board - LONG

Sounds very sensible. Whilst this is a hobby for most there are rules to be followed to ensure insurance is actually in place and not void because of some mistake.

It will also make it easier to arrange games against other teams.


Its all about TEAMWORK - Play as a team, lose as a team, win as a team.


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