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#1 News & Announcements » New game against Dynamics » Tue 15th Apr 14 19:16

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There is a new game now listed on the Schedule Page against the Invicta Dynamics on Friday 16th May, 23:15 fo. We'll be looking looking to give some of the less experienced players a run out in this game with a touch of experienced players.

#2 Re: General Chat » Spam Posts » Tue 22nd Nov 11 23:23

We've  made some changes to the registration process to the forum so users now can not post when they register without Warren or myself letting them in. I've not seen any Spam posts since the changes were made. Next step is stopping the spammers registering in the first place. 

Spam posts on the forum will not infect your PC so long as you do not click on any links in their posts.  Normal rule of Internet security applies, never click on a link if your don't know where it's going, simples !!

As for the lack of posts, it just seems that not too many people have much to say at the moment, I think smile

#3 Re: General Discussion » Assassins win tournament! » Mon 17th Oct 11 09:31

Well done guys that is an absolutely massive achievement in such a sport space of time, very proud to have our two teams associated.

#5 Re: General Discussion » New to Ice Hockey » Sun 9th Oct 11 17:53

Will - one etra bit of info. If you do come out for the first time tonight, can you ask for either Warren, Doug or myself so we can let you know the score with fee's etc should you decide to stay with us.

#6 News & Announcements » Madness Netminder in Dynamos call up. » Thu 6th Oct 11 20:48

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On behalf of Medway Madness I would like to congratulate Netminder Lee Freeman on his selection to join the roster of Invicta Dynamos.

Lee has been training with the Dynamos for a number of weeks and subject to his registration being completed in time will be joining the Dynamos this weekend for their double header in Cardiff and Bristol.

I'm sure that you will all join me in wishing Lee the best of luck.

#8 Re: General Discussion » Training Sunday 10th Oct » Sun 10th Oct 10 18:52

Due to an issue with the ice the Mustangs game started about 45 mins late. All sorted now but as a result we will be late onto the ice.

Will let you know what time we're on once the Mustangs game is over.

#9 General Discussion » Training Sunday 10th Oct » Sun 10th Oct 10 15:38

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As per last week the two new changing rooms are not quite ready so this week we will again have to change in the skate hire area. There is a Mustangs game this week before our sessions so can all players please leave their kit in their cars until at least 8pm when most of the Mustangs fans will have exited the building.

Doug and I will be up in the reception area by 8pm and will give the nod when it is OK to take kit downstairs. Can I ask players not to go on the ice until it is ok'ed by a member of the management team.

As a reminder all Madness training sessions are now closed, as such this means that the Madness cannot accept any casual players turning up for training and we will no longer run a Pay On The Night style session. Only registered Madness players on standing order are permitted to attend.

Just as a reminder to all please make sure you pick up any tape, bottles or other rubbish you might have and deposit it into a bin at the end of our session.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me or any other member of the management team (Warren, Doug or Howie).

#10 Re: General Discussion » Training - Sunday 3rd October » Sun 3rd Oct 10 20:46

DItto I can't make training this as I'm away for a few days with work. Though I'm happy to be in a bar drinking German beer I'm gutted to be missing the first training session. I really want to get back on the ice. Have a good session, see you all next week.

#12 General Discussion » Who's Who - Madness Team Management » Wed 18th Aug 10 12:08

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Team Manager - Dave Trevallion
Coach - Neil Ratcliffe
Gameday co-ordinator - Warren Cook
Player's Rep - Doug Lamming

Team Captain - Warren Cook
Alternate Captain - Dave Trevallion
Alternate Captain - Paul Hailey

As voted at the 2011 AGM

#13 General Discussion » Madness End of Season Do - Want to come ? » Wed 18th Aug 10 12:02

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We are planning to hold our EoS on the 17th Sept, either in Pizza Express Maidstone, of the Blues Rock Cafe, Gillingham.

The evening will be £20 including admission & meal/buffet.  The evening is open to new & old players and friends of Madness.  To gauge interest there is an online poll at

If you would like to come then please register your interest / preference on the poll and then we'll come looking to take some money from you smile

It would help if you include an email address / phone number in the name section of the poll.  This info is not visible publically.


#15 Re: News & Announcements » Matt Daubney gets the call! » Thu 12th Aug 10 12:31

Good Luck Matt, gonna miss you in our games

#16 Re: News & Announcements » Good Luck Dan Long! » Fri 2nd Jul 10 08:45

Have a great day Dan, relax and enjoy the day. Congratulations to the two of you

#17 Re: General Discussion » Photography » Sat 29th May 10 11:31

mjc26 wrote:

with the quality of the work i can other teams snapping u up especially the dynamos,,make sure u got ur rates handy,,

easy tiger I'll think you'll find the Dynamos are covered photographer wise

#18 Re: News & Announcements » New Addition to the Cook Family » Sun 21st Mar 10 14:08

Damon 6 wrote:

Congratulations Warren and Lara.....
See you both, Aaron and little Fraser soon....

P.S. Dave, that should read Saturday 20th.

Sorted - Sorry Uncle D

#19 News & Announcements » New Addition to the Cook Family » Sun 21st Mar 10 12:34

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Congratulations to Madness Captain Warren his wife Lara and Arron on the safe arrival of Fraser born at 11.32pm on Saturday 20st March. All doing well.

Best wishes from all at Medway Madness.

#20 General Discussion » Does anyone know the animal in red? » Wed 20th Jan 10 19:46

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Copy of post from the Dynamos Web site.

Many thanks to Stoke Fan (Tim) for taking the match photos. Really appreciated


Check out this  little guy if you think that  Cardiff teams are feisty! .......................Take a bow Mr T!

The photos of the Cardiff Eagles v Medway Madmen are HERE

#21 Re: News & Announcements » Happy 40th Birthday Dave Wyatt! » Sun 10th Jan 10 15:19

ADIBOO wrote:

Does this mean that me,Dave,Farqs,Carl & KP,
Can all retire into a home for x hockey players l.o.l
Happy birthday Dave !!!!

UP THE O.A.Ps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dunno about you mate but I've got no plans for retirement, though if you older boys can't keep up let me know.

Happy Birthday Dave !!

#23 Re: News & Announcements » Congratulations to Loyde Fuller » Fri 23rd Oct 09 23:10

Yep well done Loyde. Well deserved.

According the KM he's 26 years old, looks like he's suddely gained 4 years

#25 Re: General Chat » A sad farewell.... » Tue 15th Sep 09 16:05

I will be watching Young Blood in tribute tonight

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