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#1 Re: News & Announcements » Season 9 is here! » Sun 7th Oct 12 15:18

Awesome, cant wait..... Catch you guys tonight

#3 Re: News & Announcements » Good Luck Faye & Steve! » Sat 10th Sep 11 14:14

Good luck Faye and steve, hope all goes awesome on your special day..

#4 Re: News & Announcements » Sad news about Dave Tottman » Thu 4th Aug 11 21:46

I did not know Dave personally, but as he was part of the hockey world and was a brilliant official from what i saw, always done an awesome job, a mins silence on saturday before the game would be an awesome idea...

#7 Re: General Discussion » Hi Warren » Mon 21st Mar 11 19:40

Will do dude, Serves me right for playing basketball on Sunday I guess lol.... Ill be sure to keep you posted. Hopefully he'll show himself soon, the mrs is fed up... :-)

#8 General Discussion » Hi Warren » Sun 20th Mar 11 20:43

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Soz i could not make training tonight dude, ankle is f'ed and i can't even get my skate on, so not happy at the mo.. Not sure if ill be able to make it next week either, as baby is due next Sunday, so we'll see how things go. Good luck with next weeks match and ill catch you guys when I come back... Have a great training session guys...


#10 Kit for Sale » Wanted, size 10 skates » Tue 8th Feb 11 10:26

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Anyone out there got a pair of size 10 skates lying around anywhere????

#12 General Discussion » Awesome!!!! » Sun 15th Aug 10 20:48

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Guys absolutely awesome game today you were all over them, some wicked passes out there.. Good luck in the next few away games and if I don't catch you guys before, I'll catch you next season!!! LETS GO MADNESS!!!

#13 Re: General Discussion » 2010/2011 Season Registrations » Thu 12th Aug 10 11:16

My standing order is set up for September, but as you already know i did pay my registration in cash but you said my first instalment would be would go towards my jerseys... The only problem is that my next instalment will not be able to come out until the 30th of October due to my money situation, i hope that does not pose to much of a problem.. Cheers mate..

#14 Re: News & Announcements » Matt Daubney gets the call! » Thu 12th Aug 10 11:10

Well done dude, awesome, to here that you are going to the mustangs.. The games i have seen you play for us, you'll be a valuable asset for the mustangs!!!

#16 Re: News & Announcements » Good Luck Dan Long! » Wed 7th Jul 10 22:08

Congratulations dude, have a good day!!!

#18 Re: General Discussion » Training » Sat 12th Jun 10 10:04

Cheers dude.... Is it still £10????

#19 Re: General Discussion » Training » Fri 11th Jun 10 20:57

Ratz, what time does the knights train and is it still on saturday nights, i want to keep the training up... ready for next season???

#20 Re: News & Announcements » The Madness Season So Far... » Fri 11th Jun 10 20:55

Looking Awesome, next season is going to rock!!!

#21 General Discussion » Training » Thu 10th Jun 10 16:42

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Just double checking on the situation of training this week as I know it has been mentioned that a match is scheduled.....

#22 Re: General Chat » Beagle puppies for sale » Fri 28th May 10 19:02

Hey dude, i have sent you email... Let me know if you got it when you get chance... Cheers

#23 Re: General Chat » Beagle puppies for sale » Fri 28th May 10 00:15

Awesome.... My sister is interested... Would I be able to grab your number to give to her so she can contact you to find out some more info and arrange a time and day to see them.. Much appreciated..... Marty

#24 Re: General Discussion » Extraordinary General Meeting - Wednesday 26th May 2010 » Thu 27th May 10 19:57

Last night was great, very informative in all aspects, I know I am a newbie and not been playing very long, but it is awesome to be part of a team that has players that are willing to help out the new guys and management that put the team first..... I think with what is going on within the team and what is going on regarding the ice bowl, It is going to be an awesome season to be a part of in September.. Cheers guys, great job....

#25 Re: General Chat » Beagle puppies for sale » Wed 26th May 10 10:20

Hi Dude.... How much you selling them for????

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